Book “Torn (A Wicked Saga #2)” read online review

Torn (A Wicked Saga, #2)The second book in the series A Wicked Saga by Jennifer L. Armentrout continues the story of the first book, narrating the adventures of Ivy Morgan, a girl who lives in New Orleans. She is in the Order, and the Order is her life and her destiny.

A great number of secrets and mysteries left uncovered after the first book. Everything she knew turned upside down. The Prince of the Fae almost killed Ivy. He betrayed her and left alone injured and ravaged. But now Ivy Morgan has something much more valuable, much more important – she has a fateful secret and must keep it like an apple of her eye, because otherwise the Order will kill her.

How can we not mention Ren Owens? An intelligent, handsome and charming guy, one of the top-members of the Order, with whom Ivy fell in love and shared a bed. Their love is very hot, but the girl knows that Ren dedicated to the Order, and for him the duty to the order is much more important than everything else, than even his life. Ivy understands, that she can’t entrust him the secret, if Ren will know it, he will hardly leave her alive.

Ivy Morgan would have to make a difficult choice, to whom she can trust and to whom she cannot, and the sooner the better. Fae Prince closes in, every day he opens new gates to the Otherworld, and the choice of our heroine is not only her fate, but the fate of the whole world.

Torn is an absolutely emotional, full of mysteries, uncertainty and of course love and romanticism book. The characters are described very clearly. We know what is in their mind in their souls, but the plot is still not boring and predictable.

The author put heart into this novel, in this series and we all can feel that. Jennifer L. Armentrout being a #1 New York Times author, having written 8 series of absolutely amazing novels, created this as her best work. It is really so, and you can be clear about it.

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