Book “Imprudence (The Custard Protocol #2)” read online review

Imprudence (The Custard Protocol, #2)The Custard Protocol series are an awesome mix of real world, steampunk and fantasy. The author created a new world, a parallel world similar to our one, but full of fantastic beasts, vampires and werewolves.

Here you can see the second book of the series. Amazing Gail Carriger continues the series. She has published a novel in an inherent to her manner. The author did a great job with dialogs, description of characters and of course description of actions. Lots of new details help to dive deep into that atmosphere of steam machines, fabulous creatures and unbelievable adventures.

Again the main character is a girl named Rue. And again she and her crew cruises from India to England on her dirigible The Spotted Custard. Coming home she finds London in chaos. Not only there are a lot of political problems, troubles with vampires, that became more aggressive than usual, and really strange behaviour of werewolves, but The Spotted Custard has brought the revelations, that hit the scientific community like a ton of bricks! To top it all off, the best friend of Rue, Primrose, again got engaged with some strange and suspicious military man!

Rue also has some personal concerns. Her werewolf father got crazy, her vampire father got angry, and because of that her fussy mother got both crazy and angry!

But it is still not the main problem. Sometime later she begins to understand what is happening around and this is really frightened…

The problems getting from bad to worth when the Spotted Custard have an order to transport some highly strange passengers in Egypt. There are so many questions Rue wants to answer, so many inexplicable at first sight thins to explain, and you will find all the answers and explanations with her.

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