Book “An Author’s Odyssey (The Land of Stories #5)” read online review

An Author's Odyssey (The Land of Stories, #5)

An Author’s Odyssey is the fifth novel of the book series The Land of Stories. The author is Chris Colfer. It is written in a genre of fantasy. The novel was published in July 12, 2016.

This book consists of 28 chapters. In the first chapter the author describes the Land of stories which is destroyed and occupied by the Masked Man. He proclaims himself as an Emperor and wants the royal family to be executed. But they are rescued by Goldilocks, Jack and Tin Woodman. All residents of the Land of stories, including the royal family, hide in a cave. They all rely on Alex and Conner.

Twins decide to keep the literary characters in the room if their mother. She promises to help, but only after work and a family meal.

Then the author describes the allies of the Masked Man. They are angry because the Masked Man doesn’t keep his word. Then some villains decide to join and to get rid of him.

Then we can see the Bookhuggers who are sad because of disappearance of Alex and Conner. But soon they see the twins while they ask for help Bob and his mother.

The next chapter is about sisters Grimm and Bree. They fly to Germany to find out more information about Emmerich’s disappearance. They discover that Emmerich was left in Germany and think he is from the fairy tale world.

In the sixth chapter the Masked Man escapes death and listens to the conversation of villains and Morina. From their talking the Masked Man finds out that Morino has a son, Emmerich and makes a plan for revenge.

In the next chapters twins ask for help the literary characters. At first they go to the female pirate Auburn Sally, then Admiral Jacobson joins to boys. Then Conner offers the Galaxy Queen one of the planet that she likes instead of the army. Meanwhile, witches make the plan for bewitching Alex and Emmerich. The Masked Man saves Emmerich pretending to be the twins’ uncle.

When Alex and Conner go back to the Land of stories the cave where the residents hide was empty. They are shown the new hiding place, and meanwhile the Masked Man follows them. When the twins left it he turns everyone who hides to stone.

While Alex and Conner are travelling Conner’s stories, Emmerich and the Masked Man open the portal to Neuschwanstein when Bree and Grimm sisters open it from the other side. When they meet the Masked Man reveals his real face and threatens them with a weapon and tell them show the way to the twins’ house. Then Alex is kidnapped by Morino who moulds her into her opposite.

The Masked Man wants Goldilocks and Bree to steal an ambulance from the hospital. But instead of arriving in Conner’s story they go to the Bree’s story about zombies. There the Masked Man is attacked by this creatures and he ends up underground.

When Conner returns to the hospital he finds out that all residents of the Land of stories are turned to stone and Alex is disappeared.

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